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Our Ribs and Brisket are the BEST…but what about our boudin?

Posted on May 13, 2013 by Triple J's Smokehouse

8It may not be much of a surprise to you to learn that ribs and brisket are two of the BIG sellers at Triple J’s. Both meats are slooooowwwww smoked over Texas post oak wood for many hours, after being rubbed with our special blend of spices and herbs. The smoke-infused meat takes on a special flavor that has made our barbecue famous all over Houston!
What surprised and impressed some of our followers was a recent article that appeared in Houstonia magazine. That article showcased “The 10 Best Barbecue Joints in Houstonia”. Although our customers know Triple J’s for outstanding smoked meats and sides someof you may not have tried the one item the magazine article had praise for. Here’s a portion of that article:

The brisket, ribs, and links are alone worth the trip, but the smoked boudin at Triple J’s Smokehouse is not to be missed. It’s a great example of the amalgamation of the pork-focused Southern barbecue tradition of East Texas with the Cajun/Creole flavors of Louisiana. The smoking process turns the natural sausage casing crispy and golden brown, and the pork and rice interior absorbs a wonderfully smoky essence. Squeeze some of the filling onto a cracker, top it with a dash of Tabasco, and enjoy one of the quintessential flavors of Houston barbecue.

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