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T’was the weekend before Christmas…

Posted on December 20, 2013 by Triple J's Smokehouse

T’was the weekend before Christmas
And you’re mind is in a spin
Because you know you need to prepare a meal
Sometimes more than just a hen,
You’re scurrying through the kitchen
The time seems to be running out
“So many people coming” you say
While all your ideas are spun about
But then you catch a smell
Of the sweet aroma of a tasty plan
A bulb lights over your head
You say “Goodness that’s a great idea, man!”
So you get your chicken, ham, and turkey
And head over on just a whim
Because Triple J’s got you covered,
Even when you thought everything was grim!
So Happy Holidays to you dear customer
From Houston to a far,
And remember to let Triple J’s help your holiday meal
Seem like a real star!

We tried! Nonetheless, this just a friendly reminder to bring your meat to Triple J’s Smokehouse this holiday season where we will cook your meat for you to tender tasty goodness that will make everyone around the table smile. Please call us for more information!