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Are you chained to the office???

Posted on April 23, 2013 by Triple J's Smokehouse

If your work schedule keeps you tied to your desk at the office, it’s no wonder.  Even in today’s computer world (where things are supposed to be easier and quicker) we still have a lot of data entry, email correspondence, and LinkedIn contacts to keep up with. Also,  your supervisor may be staring over your shoulder to make sure the assigned task is finished on time.  The pressures of the work week are not really any better than they used to be…in fact, they may be worse.

You need to make time for yourself!  Once work is complete, and you’ve satisfied your obligation at the office, you deserve to pamper yourself.  You say…well, that never happens; what I do is an ongoing process.  Well, one thing is for sure: each work day comes with a lunch break.  It’s a time where you like to “get away” and enjoy the views outdoors, grab a good meal at a nearby restaurant, and spend quiet time with your own thoughts and the reward of good food.

This is where Triple J’s comes in!  You can be assured that if you head out of the office to get a quick bite to eat, we’ll be there and ready to serve you the kind of meal you want to enjoy in that brief time where you don’t worry about anyone but yourself.  If your lunch break doesn’t allow you the time to sit and dine at our place you know you can get a sandwich and fries, a loaded baked potato, or a complete meal with your favorite barbecue meat, to go.  Take it back to your work desk or your company kitchen and dig in.  It’s a nice break from the boring old work routine you might be stuck with everyday.  The only thing that co-workers may wonder about…is that big smile on your face once you return from lunch hour!