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Gret BBQ

Posted on July 1, 2013 by Triple J's Smokehouse

Here we are once again celebrating our independence in the greatest country in the world!  Many of you are taking vacations all or part of this holiday week and we wish you great fun and a safe time.  As you prepare to celebrate we urge you to give thanks for the great nation we live in and remember to pay tribute to those who have gone before us, including the 19 firefighters who perished this week in the Arizona Wild fires.

Our usual holiday celebrations include fireworks, a relaxing time away from work, and an abundance of great food and drink! Every year at this time you can just feel the excitement in the air as millions of us take to the highways, the beach, the backyard pool, or the comfort of the living room where we can just “veg” out.  In any case we all look forward to “chowing down” on our favorite dips, chips, party foods, and the great Southern tradition – BBQ!

Whatever your plans, be sure to include the mouth-watering, slow-smoked goodness of Triple J’s Smokehouse BBQ.  Grab a 2-Meat platter, a rib sandwich, a sliced beef sandwich, a Raven Bowl, a baked potato stuffed with meat & cheese, or a couple of links of boudain with white bread.  If you come by in the afteroon after 4pm enjoy one of our frozen ritas or daquiris at happy hour prices, too!  Check us out on Facebook and give us a like, would ya? Happy July 4th!