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What are you looking for??

Posted on June 25, 2013 by Triple J's Smokehouse

If you travel the freeways and back roads in and around Houston you’ll discover a variety of barbecue restaurants. Typically, they all serve the usual: beef brisket, pork ribs, chicken, etc. So what makes one different from the other? Some would argue it’s the location – one is situated in a better part of town where there’s a larger number of office workers, residents, and visitors who love barbecue so they get more traffic. Maybe that’s a legitimate argument, but one that doesn’t sound very convincing. Others would say one barbecue restaurant has a better menu than the next, therefore variety makes it better. Still others would want you to believe that their favorite barbecue place has the freshest beef, ribs, and chicken in town and the way the food is prepared makes it the top choice. Truth is, every barbecue joint in town has it’s strong points. But, some have more than others!

Take, for instance Triple J’s Smokehouse. We specialize in always serving a variety of your favorites – ribs, chicken, beef, homemade links, boudain, and more. Signature dishes include The Raven Bowl: hot french fries, covered with grated cheddar cheese, topped with chopped brisket, and smothered in tangy bbq sauce! Another crowd favorite at our restaurant is the baked potato stuffed with chopped beef, chicken, or sausage, and all the fixin’s. On top of the standard bbq favorites we offer buttercream cake, Italian sour cream cake, peach cobbler and other treats. Don’t forget Happy Hour each day with Frozen Daquiris and Margaritas! We’re located just a few blocks off the 610 Freeway on Homestead road, minutes from Kashmere High School and adjacent to major businesses in the area. Our seasoned barbecue pit holds dozens of ribs, briskets, chicken, sausage and boudain – all at the same time, using Texas post oak wood for flavorful smoke.

What’s the point of bringing  this to your attention?  Well, in a nutshell it’s to share the fact that Triple J’s has the variety of meats you’re looking for, the taste you’re craving, and the location that’s easy to get to!  So come on…put some of the South into your mouth!  We can’t wait to serve you!